South Hobart Carbon Reduction Fund

1. Aim

The purpose of the South Hobart Carbon Reduction Fund (the Fund) is to help achieve the aims and objectives of the South Hobart Sustainability Group, with a particular emphasis on funding projects that assist with the reduction of carbon emissions.

Approximately $3300 will be made available each year through the Fund. A range of small to larger projects will be funded each year. The smallest project would be for a minimum of $500 and the largest single project would be for a maximum of $3000.

Short-term interest free loans will be considered for projects that are designed to sell products or services; in the case of a loan, the Fund would be repaid regularly a set percentage of the project’s income. The percentage would be determined by the Fund Committee and the project proponents.

2. Criteria

Funding will be allocated to projects that assist with the reduction of carbon emissions in South Hobart and the nearby community. 

Priority will be given to projects within the suburb of South Hobart, however projects within 10 kilometres of the South Hobart Post Office will also be considered.

Priority will be given to projects: 

that have the greatest carbon reduction potential; 

are innovative and have the potential to be replicated by other groups elsewhere; 

where the project proponents have a track record in completing projects; 

where the applicants can demonstrate their commitment and passion for the project; 

that may otherwise find it hard to obtain funds elsewhere; and/or 

that involve both supporters of the South Hobart Sustainability Group and the broader 

South Hobart community.

3. Allocation of funding

The Fund will be managed by the South Hobart Carbon Reduction Fund Committee. The Fund Committee will consist of two to three members of the South Hobart Sustainability Group. All decisions for releasing funds will be the responsibility of the Fund Committee. Members of the Fund Committee and their family will not be eligible to apply for funds. The Fund Committee may choose to seek expert advice to assess applications.

The Fund Committee will call for applications once a year. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing. The Fund Committee reserves the right not to make grants to the full amount requested in the application. Successful applicants can reapply in subsequent years providing they have acquitted their earlier project.

Applications should be no more than one page long and include:

  • a description of the project; 

  • the benefits expected to be achieved by the project; 

  • the people behind the project; 

  • the people the project will target;

  • the timing of the project; and

  • an itemized budget must also be attached to the one-page application.

4. Duration of the Fund

The South Hobart Carbon Reduction Fund will operate for a period of 3 years, subject to the availability of funds. The amount made available each year will be determined by the Fund Committee.

5. Review of funding criteria and allocation

The Fund Committee will meet between the first and second year grants cycle to review the criteria used to allocate funds and the success of activities funded to date.

6. Project acquittal

All grant recipients will submit a brief report on the expenditure of funds, what was achieved, what was learnt and any other feedback that could help improve the grants program. These reports must be received by the date provided on the Grant Agreement.

7. Background notes on submitting a grant application:

Please read the grant criteria closely. Projects that fall outside the criteria will not be considered for funding.

If you are uncertain about how the criteria may apply to a project you are considering please contact us (e-mail preferred).

Don't leave writing your application to the last minute. 

Don't conjure up rubbery budgets. 

Don’t apply for more than you need - we aim to fund as many projects as possible within 

a small budget. 

We do not accept late applications - the deadline is the deadline. 

Do not submit attachments to your one-page application.

8. Submission of applications and inquiries

If  you have questions, please contact Margie Law by email If you do not have access to email please phone Margie on 6224 0605.

Please submit applications by email to

If you do not have access to email please send a paper copy to 77 Marlyn Rd, Cascades 7004.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Tuesday 31 August, 2010.