Welcome to the SHSC Solar Group website. 

During 2009 we organised bulk purchase of solar power and hot water systems. Please note that these offers have closed and we are not taking any new orders. You can see many of the installation locations on our map and catch updates below. 

Applications for the first round of grants from the South Hobart Carbon Reduction Fund have opened.  

This is a spin-off of the highly successful PV bulk purchase.  It is aimed at small projects that reduce the carbon emissions of South Hobart.  Grants will be on the order of $500-$3000, and applications close 31 August 2010.  More...  

Household Energy Monitor bulk purchase

We are very pleased to announce the commencement of another community-driven bulk purchase: of Household Energy Monitors.  This was announced at the Home Energy meeting on Monday 21 June to a great deal of interest. More...

Photo competition winners

The winners of our solar photo competition are:

Open category winner: Kym Hill
Artistic category winner: Stephen Harwin

The runners-up are:

Open category runner-up: Ken & Jo Bethlehem
Artistic runner-up: Richard Verrall

These and all submitted photos help showcase how our neighbourhood is going solar. Checkout the solar photo gallery and consider submitting a photo of your  solar power or hot water system. 

Solar Photo Competition winners.

About us

The Solar Group is a group locals working together to organise bulk purchases in solar power and renewable hot water systems through bulk purchases. We volunteer our time towards a larger goal of reducing our neighbourhood carbon footprint. Sustainable Living Tasmania provides some guidance and support to help the group's work. 

You can follow updates and post comments on the "Buzz" page. 

Our objective was to organise and oversee value for money bulk purchases for:

• Solar power systems connected to the electricity grid; 

• Solar hot water systems for roofs with a good northerly aspect; and 

• Heat pump hot water systems for roofs with shade or poor aspect. 

For each bulk purchase, we:

  1. Decided on selection criteria including quality and pricing;
  2. Collected information about available local and national rebates and incentives;
  3. Contacted suitable suppliers to learn about their particular offers and systems;
  4. Obtained written quotes;
  5. Obtained testimonials and other people's experience with the company;
  6. Rated each supplier and undertake final negotiation and clarifications;
  7. Launched and promoted the bulk purchase offer at a public meeting and through email, letterboxing, direct contact and media; and
  8. Took registrations of interest and guided people on purchasing and installing systems.

The Buzz. Click below to check out our news and update blog.
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